About Prolink

Prolink Microsystems Corporation is one of the professional 3D printer developer and manufacturer in Taiwan, providing versatile selling and printing services.

Through years we have mastered the know-how of 3D printing technology, and we are applying this to more and more industries worldwide.

By adding this technology to the current production technology, we aim to achieve the real intelligent production in the future, the Industry 4.0.

TimeCompany history and introduction
2017Participating in (PHOTONIC FESTIVAL in TAIWAN)exhibitions in Taiwan&Taipei Int'l Mold & Die Industry Fair--Coming soon
Participating in INTERPLUS THAILAND 2017 Exhibition to expanded the international market-Coming soon
Registered "PROLINK" Brand trademark of 3D Printer in the Taiwan market
Promotion 3D printing activity, Participating in the Taipei exhibition
Created new 3D Printer official website
2016Participating in industrial exhibitions in Taiwan, China, Thailand and Vietnam.
2015Published the first industrial APOLLO1.0 3D printer in Taiwan
Promotion 3D printing activity, Participating in the exhibition (PHOTONIC FESTIVAL in TAIWAN)& Taipei Int'l Mold & Die Industry Fair & Worldwide 3D printing activities
2014Establish” Prolink "3D Printer brand and insist on design and manufacture in Taiwan to become one of the environmental-friendly material Adheapplication vendors.
2012Renamed as “Prolink” Company , aiming at the Green technology and development of application products.Prolink Microsystems Corp. is a publicly listed company under Nam-Liong group, which was established in 1972
2002Been chosen as 13th among the top 100 technology companies and awarded as 17th among the best operating performing companies by CommonWealth Magazine
2001Been certified by ISO9001 with quick growth, as listed as 16th among the top 100 sales revenue growth of technology in Taiwan
2000To publicize as a listed company at the over-the-counter (OTC) market in Taiwan
1999Been chosen as the fastest growing medium-size enterprise in the top 100 companies by CommonWealth Magazine
1998The company size was expanded. The headquarters was moved to Neihu TAIPEI
1989Prolink Microsystems Corp. was established in Taiwan

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