The only industrial FDM 3D printer that is developed, design, and manufacturered in Taiwan

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High Precision Ball Screw and Linear Guide

The ball screw imported from Japan provides the premium print quality

Electronic dry filament preserving system

Up to 12 spools of filaments can be preserved in this cabinet with perfect humidity control

Concealed filament feeding system

By connecting to the electronic dry system, the printing environment maintains in perfect humidity to assure the quality of each print

Aluminum Body and Enclosed Printing Cabinet

The Aluminum body assure the highest stability while printing, and the enclosed cabinet enhance the temperature stability of working environment

Innovated Ring Type Cooling system and Dual Extrusion Design

The cooling system guides air flow around the nozzle to blow warm air, in order to prevent the prints from warping or cracking issue. The extruders are combined with direct drive and bowden drive in order to reduce the weight of the whold module while enhance the accuracy

Resume Printing from Power Outage

The printer memorizes the parameter and move nozzles away from prints during power outage, when the power is recovered, just press resume to continue the process

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We provide you the customized industrial printer
in order to satisfy the versatile needs of industries

Customize Your Printer

Building large size industrial prototypes

Building large size industrial prototypes \

Print Size


Outline Dimension


Technical Specifications

Industrial grade large size heat bed

Industrial glass and aluminum heat bed assure uniform thermal conductivity and reduce the possibility of common printing failure

User Friendly Interface

Through easy steps, parameter can be adjusted to assure the quality of prints, the alternative power switch let users switch power easily

Remote Monitor and Control System

Users can use Android/iOS App to monitor the printing process anywhere, and they can turn off the printer if needed

Pause Printing

Users can pause printing to change filament, and resume printing without influencing the print

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology

FDM(Fused filament Fabriation)

Outline Dimension


Print Size


3D File Format


Certified Materials

PMMA/Composite materials

AC Imput

110VAC / 220VAC

Move Speed


X.Y Resolution


Z Resolution


printing speed


Nozzle Size

Φ 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8 mm


Built-in SD card

Nozzle Count

Dual Nozzle

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