Quality first and Customer oriented

We provide different nozzle size to suit different industries

3 axis ball screw drivetrain guaranties the quality

Suitable for various stiff and flexible materials, can be applied to versatile industries

Industrial Engineering

  • Significantly shorten the time of development
  • Help engineer determine if the digital model is workable or not within hours, without causing exceeding cost
  • Provide samples before moulding to prevent from any unexpected issue after mass production


  • Rapidly transform the digital file to physical objects
  • Allow designers to immediately address the defects and redesign if needed
  • Reduce the risk before imput huge amount of fund
  • Easy to present the complexity of product


  • Rapidest and most economic teaching aid to show students the physical object from knowledge
  • Assist students building up 3D concept to solve problems/li>
  • Enhance students’ ability of 3D design
  • Educate students the concept of design to production

Tooling & Modeling

  • Produce the needed tools and accessories within hours while saving cost
  • Shorten the period of time on developing mould
  • 3D printed jig and fixture improve the production quality and efficiency
  • 3D modeling can be applied in versatile industries

The future of industrial 3D printing service will be based on assuring the production quality and cost, and then help develope automatic production and intelligent production, whereas the printed product can be customized or trimmed on demand.

Through computer simulating and additive manufacturing, huge amount of moulding process will be decreased, and the process from scratch to end product will be shortened. Companies can achieve localized production to cut cost on delivery and warehouse, in addition, they are also given the ability to respond to market demand